John Doe aka Lyle Stevik was found in a hotel in 2001 in Amanda Park, Washington. He had apparently committed suicide. Many leads to his identity have been followed, and many rule-outs have been made, but he remains unidentified. We accepted him as our first DoeFundMe case because of the overwhelming interest displayed by the public, who have an earnest desire to bring closure to his family.

A sample of his DNA was sent to the lab and passed quality control. Thanks to Lyle’s supporters, we have collected the $1500 needed to cover lab fees.  DNA sequencing has already begun.  His results should be ready in late March.  We will let everyone know when they come in and we can begin the genealogical analysis.

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Lyle Stevik

Donations received beyond our goal will be used for our next case. Thank you all for your support!!

Raised to date: $1935 (Last updated: 2/12/18 11 pm PST.)