Annie Doe

New Case - DoeFundMe Started

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Belle in the Well

Second round of sequencing complete.

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Mill Creek Shed Man

Second round of sequencing has been completed.

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DNA Doe Project has created a DoeFundMe campaign to fund the costs of DNA extraction and testing of Jane and John Does. If you’d like to help sponsor one of our Does, you may select an individual from our current gallery of cases that has a Donate button. These cases have already passed the first crucial step; their DNA has passed quality control and is ready to undergo sequencing. Each case costs approximately $1500 to process. As soon as the funding goal for a Doe is reached, we will give the lab the green light to start the sequencing. Results will become available in one to two months.

If we believe that a case could benefit from a second round of testing, we will update the estimated costs accordingly, and re-enable the button.

Once the sequencing is finished, the results will be assessed for the amount of human DNA present and for contamination. These are two factors that are impossible to characterize during quality control. If the sequencing data is viable, we will assign a team of volunteer genetic genealogists to identify potential DNA cousins, build their family trees, and look for possible relatives for our Doe. A successful identification could take weeks or even months. We will update the status of each case as required.

The process described above assumes that DNA is already available for a Doe from the medical examiner. If no DNA is available, it will be ncessary to obtain DNA from biological material retained by the ME. The expense of trying to extract DNA from blood is minimal, but an attempted extraction from a bone or a tooth can cost up to $750 per attempt, whether or not DNA is obtained from the sample.

Assuming an extraction is successful, the sample will undergo quality testing. If it passes, we will proceed with sequencing and analysis as described above.

To contribute to a case, please use the PayPal button on the case page, or send a check made out to the DNA Doe Project to:

DNA Doe Project
125 So. Main St. #114
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Please include a note with your check stating the case for which the money should be used. Also include your name and indicate whether you prefer for your name to be included on our list of donors or if you prefer to remain anonymous. If a case is closed before its funds are used, or donations to a case exceed its funding goal, the overage will be put towards a future case, unless you request otherwise. 

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